Maksimum samochodów - minimum przestrzeni

WÖHR - Jaffa (Tel Aviv)
Parklift, Palety przesuwne, Obrotnica

Modu³owy system parkuj±cy. Dostosowany dla parkowania du¿ych samochodów osobowych. Przeznaczony do niezale¿nego parkowania na dwóch poziomach dwóch lub czterech samochodów. Wykonany w czasie renowacji ko¶cio³a. W podziemiach 800-letniej budowli wykonano 20 miejsc parkingowych wraz z obrotnic± i paletami przesuwnymi. System przeznaczony do stosowania w obiektach mieszkalnych,
biurowcach, hotelach i budownictwie jednorodzinnym,

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Project report 1,67 MB PDF

WÖHR - Mumbai
Multiparker 750 Nowo¶æ!

Parking publiczny z 20. poziomami parkowania i 240. miejscami parkingowymi. Wykorzystano technikê typu Multiparker 750, przeznaczony do wykonania w obiektach, z betonowymi poziomami gara¿owania pojazdów (w miejsce stalowej konstrukcji rega³u)

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WÖHR - Luksemburg
Parksafe 582 NEW!

Renovation and Conversion:
Parksafe for the "Conseil d´Etat" and
"Ancienne Clinique St. Joseph", 3-5, Rue
Sigefroi, Luxembourg

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Project report 412 KB PDF

WÖHR - Budapeszt
Parksafe 580 NEW!

Building into the structure: Parksafe for public
parking "Franklin Parkolóház", Reáltanoda
utca 5., Budapest | Hungary

Project report 1.9 MB PDF

WÖHR - New Building / renovation
„the unvisible garage“ NEW!

The „invisible“ Parklift systems 461, 462 and 463 allow the installation, including retrofitting, of parking places, where there is either no space for a garage, or to provide them, where it would not be suitable for the architectural environment.

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WÖHR - Tegernsee
Saving Bank NEW!

Saving Bank near Tegernsee in Bavaria with integrated Wöhr Combilift 542-200 providing a total of 7 car park places.

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WÖHR - Amsterdam
Façade technology NEW!

Façade technology of a parking garage
individually designed and a special
eyecatcher next to the helical ramp panels.

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WÖHR - Liverpool
Parksafe 583 NEW!

Parksafe for the Luxury Albany Apartments in Liverpool providing 84 car park places.

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Project report 2.1 MB PDF

WÖHR - Berlin
Combilift 551 NEW!

New Office Building and Renovation Quartier am Salzufer in Berlin providing 153 car park places.

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Project report 5.6 MB PDF

WÖHR - Munich
Combilift 543 NEW!

Renovation and Extension of Palais Leopold in Munich providing 87 car park places.


Project report 8.5 MB PDF

WÖHR - Berlin
Flurparker 570 NEW!

Hotel Mövenpick in Berlin
provides 22 car park places.

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Project report 5.6 MB PDF

WÖHR - Munich
Multiparker 740

The garage »Donnersbergerstraße« in Munich is equipped with the Multiparker 740: there are 284 storing positions available.

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Project report 8.5 MB PDF

WÖHR - Madrid
Multiparker 710

3D Animation | Multiparker 710 Project: Calle O´Donnell, Madrid

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WÖHR - Madrid
Multiparker 750

3D Animation | Multiparker 750 Project: Calle Alameda, Madrid

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WÖHR - Budapest
Multiparker 730

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WÖHR - Istanbul
Multiparker 720

Europe’s latest automatic multi-storey car park in Istanbul: 612 parking places on 6 Wöhr Multiparkers 720 in a cube of steel, glass and aluminium.


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WÖHR - Hamburg
Parksafe 580

The »Stadtlagerhaus« located on the banks of the River Elbe in Hamburg has emerged as a new landmark on the seaport skyline and represents the start of a redevelopment project for the Wood Port near the Fish Market: 117 parking spaces on 17 levels.


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WÖHR - Berlin
Parksafe 580

Two parksafe-units for 126 car park places are installed at the Bosch office building in Berlin. Distinguishing feature: The transfer area is positioned laterally to the vertical lift.


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WÖHR - Munich
Levelparker 590

The conversion of an Art Nouveau building dating from 1911 into an exclusive office and residential block involved the creation of 16 parking spaces in the rear courtyard. This was achieved using the Flurparker 590. The rear courtyard was landscaped and offers new living space.


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WÖHR - Sindelfingen
Parksafe 580

The Wöhr Parksafe 580 in Sindelfingen provides 124 car park places.

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WÖHR - Usedom
Parklift 440

The »Ostseehotel Ahlbecker Hof« in Usedom has solved the parking problems of its guests: Wöhr Parklift 440 with comfortable and horizontal parking platforms.


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WÖHR - Iptingen
Combilift 543

Renovation of a protected monument with 10 parking places in a building built in 1545. The 10 parking places were created on the Wöhr Combilift 543 in four neighbouring boxes over a surface area of just 56 m2. This corresponds to 5,6 m2 per parking space.


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WÖHR - Ingolstadt
Parklift 340

The new Parklift 340 with its reduced platform angles offers independent parking in situations where pit and dimension considerations are at a minimum.


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